Thursday, August 5, 2010

Depleted Stock

I only list on Etsy (for now), but my housewares have been selling very well. Now I'm scrambling to pick up more pieces and supplies, and shore up my inventory before my store becomes empty!

I signed up for 3rd Ward, a great shared workspace in Brooklyn. The tools in their workshop will help me cut down my production time significantly, and they teach a great variety of classes that will open me up to new techniques and processes. Using this space, I plan to have five new Blitz lamps, a Megaton, and a new ceiling fixture available for sale in the next few weeks.

I'm also trying to secure a new set of cluster bomblets for the popular Beacon lamp. My original suppliers have run out, and it seems like cluster bomblets are only sporadically available. I may have located an entire crate of untouched pieces in Montana, so with luck I'll have a major stock soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coming Soon - The Bomblet Necklace

Jewelry made from gunshells is popular, but the Bomblet Necklace will blow it away. (Wordplay!) I use a Vietnam War "Lazy Dog" bomb as a base, and then stripe it with gold leaf. Lazy Dogs, also known as flechettes, are solid pieces of steel with guidance fins attached to the base. PIlots would throw thousands over embedded troops, and by the time they hit the ground they would be traveling quickly enough to cause mortal injury. I can't decide if that is sinister or innovative. The photo is of a bomb halfway through the assembly process - the leaf has been applied, but it hasn't been cleaned up or sealed yet. It's also a crappy picture - I don't have the hang of macro-photography yet, but by the time I've put a few on chains I hope I can take a decent snapshot.